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A Bit About Me



I love reading other peoples bios, but doing it yourself is very cringe... 

So, I was born a midlander townie and now live in rural Hertfordshire where the business is based. I live with my husband, 2 children and devil dog. We live onsite which is very handy for checking on things, the field previously housed cows, then horses (not mine) but was a little too small for them. 

We lived in a caravan until our first born was 9 months old, now we are in a house which we designed and built (mostly) ourselves, we are still building it years on.

Previous to flowering, I worked in theatre, my degree is in Design for Performance from UAL. I worked as a set designer and scenic artist. For my degree piece I asked Westminster city council if I could build a full size Ark using Medieval building methods- using no power- and stage a piece of interactive performance art based on climate change. It would have been awesome- they said no.

I also worked as a reupholster and furniture upcycler and in bars (which I loved!).

Love a night out with lots of heavy base. Total TV addict.

Im fascinated by soil science and regenerative farming practices. 

I love design, spacial design, shape or form. Flowers and event design offer the perfect medium.

I wanted to make a career based around working with the land and being creative and am very lucky to have been able to do that.

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